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Things heat up for mp3 players

August 25, 2006

We all know that the iPod is the product to beat – especially as Apple creates new ways to use their products like the Nike sport kit; there’s also the inevitable iPhone that has been rumored for some time.

Meanwhile Microsoft has been gearing up to release it’s response to the iPod – the Zune. From the pictures posted today a lot of people are commenting on the iPod-like style so we want to know what’s going to differentiate the Zune – WiFi for starters. According to Endgadget the new Zune will have the option to broadcast music to other “Pyxis” devices (a new tech for streaming between devices?). An old-school addition to the new-school device – FM radio will be a part of the Zune as well.

Other competitors are chomping for some of that camembert wheel called market share. SanDisk just announced the release of the Sansa e200 mp3 players (2gb-8gb; $140-$250)) that are hoping to compete with the iPod Nano. The Sansa players can handle music (mp3, wma), radio (with built in recorder), voice recordings, photos, and even videos (avi, mpg, vob, asf, mov, wmv). With competitive pricing and a lot more features than a Nano – SanDisk has done a great job.

If consumers want even more from their portable media device – look to Archos for a huge amount of features geared toward the video crowd. While the size of the Archos is larger than the other competitors, functions like an optional DVR component and an optional camcorder attachment allowing your digital camera to record directly onto the Archos’ hard drive could make it your portable media player of choice.

Regardless of which manufacturer comes out on top, consumers are the real winners with so many choices that picking a device is more difficult than actually using it.