Thanks !

We would like to say thank you to everyone who came out to Tech Connection #3 on Tuesday night at BOCA. We had over 150 people come out, making it our biggest and best event yet! The next one will be even better.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the event, hopefully we’ll see you next time.

What did you miss?

  • DJ Mos spinning some sweet tunes
  • Soonr winning for Best Demo
  • Danielle from Trilibis winning a bottle of Alsace Riesling and
    a year’s subscription to Flex Car (with $150 worth of credit)
  • Photographs of a streaker next to Mike Arrington, okay not yet, but maybe Friday.

If you’ve got some feedback for the event please let us know at

We’ll see you at Cool Demos in September!

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One Comment on “Thanks !”

  1. Song Huang Says:

    Thank you for putting together a great event!
    We are saving our winning bottle of Champagne for a time when we have the SoonR team together. As you may know we are split between the US and Europe.

    Loved the event location, lots of great people. Only issue for me was being right by the big giant speakers for the DJ while trying to demo! But hey, it didn’t hurt as we got “Best Demo” anyway.

    We’ll look forward to the next event where the SoonR folks can be attendees and just mingle with the great crowd.

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