SprintNextel trumps other expansion efforts with WiMax announcement

Companies have made announcements to expand and/or improve their networks over the past week in a big way. First, Verizon told us that they were going to expand their fiber to the home (FTTH) offering further into North Texas including another 57,000 possible subscribers.

To help cable companies compete with FTTH offerings CableLabs announced yesterday that it had finally released DOCSIS 3.0, a technical scheme that will allow cable operators to get speeds up to 160mbps downstream and 120 mbps upstream!

Finally in mobile news Sprint Nextel announced this morning that they would begin working on a 4g network using WiMax – spending up to $3 billion over the next two years. Their aim is to capture the exploding mobile services market that is developing as people look to their phones to do more and more.

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One Comment on “SprintNextel trumps other expansion efforts with WiMax announcement”

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